Maxscript | Scale,Rotate Reference

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This Script will allow you to Rotate and\or Scale and Move an object based on two source picks to a destination two picks similar to align command in autocad !

Run script or drag and drop to 3ds max, then go to customize user interface and assign it as keyboard shortcut or quad menu under "3D_RnD" Category

it works with :

- Single objects selected

- Multiple objects selected

- Groups

- Vertices, edges, polygons and elements inside editable poly object

- Vertices, edges, polygons and elements inside edit_poly modifier

- Vertices, edges, faces, polygons and elements inside editable mesh object

- Vertices, segments, splines inside editable_spline object

choose a method from above (single object, multi objects, groups .... etc ) and apply script then pick two starting points then pick two destination points ( you can use snap ).

its possible to skip the 1st destination point which will use the 1st source point instead !

You can work on which view you want, however the perspective and ortho view will work like top view.

Version : 1.22

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Author : Bayan Al Safadi

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Maxscript | Scale,Rotate Reference

58 ratings
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